Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop Free – Use it on Web Browser Windows/MAC[Official]

Learn How To Use Whatsapp On Pc For Free,WhatsApp has replaced the traditional text messaging. A bit expensive smartphone user does not send messages through the service of the telephone company but uses the internet. Many users do not even realize that they send messages via the web; so normal it has become all.

How To Use Whatsapp On Pc For Free

Everyone is connected to the service but what if you prefer to use your laptop or PC WhatsApp sends messages? It may be due to the BlueStacks App Player where we previously overwritten.Read on.
Install WhatsApp on a PC requires two things: BlueStacks on your PC and atelephonenumber. Use this at your own risk and remember you WhatsApp only works on one device at a time. Install it then you should remove it from your PC BlueStacks to use again on your phone. Use only WhatsApp on your PC when you’ve made a backup of your messages in WhatsApp. You do that by going to the settings in the app (just press the Menu key) and tap the heading ‘More’. Here you easily create a backup of your calls.
UPDATE: WhatsApp works with any number, including a landline. Allow from BlueStacks to WhatsApp can call in order to receive the verification code.

Step 1: install BlueStacks

BlueStacks is currently the best emulator for Android apps on your PC. The software works exactly like a phone with Android and is very suitable for using WhatsApp.  The installation is not a problem but verifying the software throws a spanner in the works: WhatsApp really work but with one phone number (and one device). First downloadBlueStacks and install it as instructed.

Step 2: Install WhatsApp in BlueStacks

After starting BlueStacks there are multiple ways to install WhatsApp, including by looking at recommended application (right) or by entering a search term. After selecting the app you just wait until it is downloaded and open it with the icon at the top of the screen. You will see a series of screens where you have to enter personal information.

Step 3: Verify your phone number

WhatsApp will verify your ‘device’, which seems to be possible by sending a text message, but this is not working. Choose instead the option ‘Call Me’ and hold your phone at the ready. You will receive an automated phone call ditto female voice that whispers a code. This three-digit code, enter then in the screen that appears. Then the verification is complete and you can type a username. Please note that you had already filled contacts with the mobile version of WhatsApp then you do it again on your PC.
From your computer WhatsApp works just like on your mobile: you add contacts, start a chat and emoticons used with equal ease. It is even possible to share photos from your hard drive to your contacts. The use of WhatsApp on PC sticking only two drawbacks: sometimes the authentication does not work in BlueStacks (read on to fix this) and the larger problem:after installation (and verification) the app will not work on your phone! You should then remove the software from BlueStacks to use it again on your phone.

All the steps followed without success?

Have you installed WhatsApp but it does not work? Try the third method for installation in BlueStacks: via Cloud Connect. Before performing this method, you must first remove WhatsApp in BlueStacks. To do this click on the button at the right bottom of the screen, then click Manage Applications. Locate the app in the list and click Delete.
Then go to the download page and get Cloud Connect for your phone. The PIN code you received after the installation of BlueStacks (also found in the inbox of the email address you gave up after opening the app) you use to log in to your Android device. Check the app in the list and tap Sync to transfer this.

Help! WhatsApp no longer works on my phone!

Do you have WhatsApp installed in BlueStacks and you get an error message on your mobile phone? Then remove the app from BlueStacks and try again. You can always re-install WhatsApp and verify on your mobile phone, but you are or lost your messages. Do so before you BlueStacks uses a backup of your chats.

Alternative: What Remote

Besides BlueStacks there is another way to use WhatsApp on your PC: What Remote control your WhatsApp messages from your browser and can do so through your PC, Mac or tablet.